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The following list of questions regarding artificial thatch may be used as a quick search for specific information, as it is linked to related pages of our website where the information in question is detailed. For any further inquiries concerning Palmex thatched roofs or products, please feel free to contact us.

How safe is Palmex thatch roofing?

Our artificial palm leaves benefit from a tested fire-retardant treatment during manufacturing and are flame proof. Therefore, a Palmex thatched roof needs no extra fire protection or device and can be built over a BBQ area, for instance, provided safety distances are respected. Our leaves are also made of 100% non toxic substances.

Are Palmex thatched roofs waterproof?

Yes, our thatch roofing is 100% waterproof if installed adequately on a structure with a minimum 30-degree pitch.

How resistant to high winds is a Palmex synthetic thatch roof?

Our thatching material has been independently tested for resistance against strong winds and storms. It can withstand gales of up to 160 mph (260 km/h) without tearing, loosening or permanently losing its shape. Indeed, temporarily the leaf may be twisted by strong winds, but ultimately our patented shape-memory polymer fully recovers its initial appearance. Palmex synthetic thatch roofs have successfully resisted to hurricanes with winds measured well beyond this figure, such as in the Caribbean islands, among other locations, and more recently in the Fiji islands where winds reached 155 mph (250 km/h) in December 2012.

Does Palmex roof thatching offer any other protection?

Yes, our synthetic thatch provides exceptional insulation against extreme temperatures, both cold and hot. It is also manufactured and tested for efficient protection against damaging UV rays. It is odor-free, vermin-free and rot-proof.

How long will a Palmex thatch roof last?

Our thatch roofs carry a 20-year guaranty, independently of climate conditions and exposure to precipitations or intense sunlight. Thanks to the quality of the material used, our thatched roofs are expected to last another 30 years.

How much maintenance does a Palmex artificial thatch roof require?

Absolutely none. Any particles, leaves or small branches from surrounding trees are easily washed away by rain or with a garden hose.

Does Palmex supply proof of quality?_____ (pays), Bunglw LMT-w1024-h1024

Palmex synthetic thatch roofing products are bounded with a 20-year limited manufacturer warranty. We have also been specializing in synthetic thatch roofing for over a decade and have an important client base available for references.

Can I install my thatched roof myself?

Yes. Our thatching material is shipped with full instructions upon request. In addition, Palmex International offers its clients support throughout their projects. For major thatch roofing projects, it is advisable to have some skills and knowledge of roof mounting or to consult a professional roofer.


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